Plan Types

We Help You Find the Retirement Plan that Fits

You can help your employees save for the future and your company attract and retain qualified employees while benefiting from tax savings with one simple solution – a Retirement Savings Plan.

At IPS Advisors, we have Retirement Consultants with the experience, product knowledge and technology to find the plans that truly match your company’s retirement planning goals. We work with you every step of the way ensuring you understand your choice, and helping you choose a plan to satisfy your employees, as well as your bottom line.

  • Defined Contribution Plans
    • 401(k)
      • Profit Sharing
      • Age-based contribution and cross-tested plans
    • 403(b)
      • Non-profit employers
      • Governmental employers
      • Churches
    • 457(b)
      • Non-profit employers
      • Governmental employers
  • Defined Benefit Plans
    • Pension Plans
    • 412(i) Defined Benefit Plans
  • Non-Qualified Plans
    • 409(a) Plans
    • 457(f) Plans for non-profit and governmental employers