Pump Up Your Wellness Program with a Personal Training Initiative

Pump Up Your Wellness Program with a Personal Training Initiative

(post by guest writer Brian K. Weese, CSCS, RMT / Paramount Performance)

As a fitness coach and personal trainer for nearly 20 years, I work closely with business professionals and c-suite executives and joyfully witness the positive results gained through their journey: increased energy, progressive weight loss, emotional balance, and enhanced focus at work. The effects are contagious. My clients then ask how he or she might excite their staff to aspire to a healthier lifestyle. More specifically, “Do you think my employees would take advantage of a personal trainer if offered through the company’s wellness initiative?”

The answer is YES. With the addition of a personal training component, the company’s wellness program is further optimized for successful outcomes: diminished absenteeism, benefit cost reduction and a healthier, happier workforce.

Setting clear goals and objectives is an important first step, and should be responsive to the different viewpoints within context of the company’s existing wellness offering. The employee might ask “What is my motivation to be part of this initiative?” The employer asks: “What is my return on investment (ROI)?” And the contracted personal trainer (aka ‘wellness coach’) asks: “How do I prove value back to the company’s management team/decision makers?” An integrated program that balances the needs of all its stakeholders might include engaging each employee with a digital measuring device and leveraging the personal trainer to provide in-person lifestyle assessments, nutrition consultations and therapeutic stress reduction massages. In an App-driven world, a human advocate for health and well-being just might go the distance.

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