IPS Advisors Launches Individual Health Coverage Web Portal

Dallas, Texas, November 19, 2015 -- IPS Advisors, an independent brokerage and benefits consulting firm, is pleased to announce the availability of a new online portal for clients needing to shop for and select individual healthcare coverage.

The new portal grants users access to a comprehensive representation of the medical carrier network, as well as a cost-effective search alternative within the individual marketplace. While the site features self-service functionality, IPS counselors are available to help individuals navigate plan information and further support the decision-making process. 

"At IPS we continue to seek ways to empower our clients," said Michelle Lewis, Principal at IPS Advisors. "Our personal consulting approach works in tandem with the self-service aspect of the new portal to help alleviate the frustration individuals often face when tasked with securing their own health insurance."

Users can access the web portal at www.ipsadvisors.com, via the Individual Health Coverage tab. For questions throughout the search-and-return process, they can speak with an IPS representative by calling 214.443.2486.

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