Professional Underwriting and Case Management Services

What we do:

We believe IPS Advisors to be one of the most highly regarded life insurance planning and underwriting organizations in the industry. Our dedication to excellence and professionalism helps us to achieve our goal of providing a customer experience that is second to none.

IPS offers a boutique service designed to assist professional insurance advisors with cutting edge case management and underwriting advocacy. By aggregating with other advisors we can provide the support required at a reasonable cost that allows insurance professionals to save on overhead and focus on increasing revenue.

We take your business seriously, and we look forward to providing your customers with an exceptional experience.

Why the IPS Professional Underwriting and Case Management Services?

For over 30 years, IPS has worked with independent life producers to provide an exceptional level of customer service. We believe our team is well recognized and respected with all the major insurance carriers. We have a history of packaging and positioning cases effectively and efficiently, reducing turnaround times and increasing placement ratios. Insurance carriers take our business seriously, as we only align with successful and professional insurance advisors.

IPS employs an in-house Chief Underwriter who was a former insurance carrier underwriter specializing in the affluent marketplace. He also served as Vice President of underwriting for NFP and Ash Brokerage, working with some of the top producers in the country.

Services Include:

Data Storage

  • All documents securely stored and managed
  • Full access and control of client information, including medical records
  • Agency management system access available

Professional Case Management

  • APS ordering, including bill pay and reconciliation with insurance carrier
  • Ordering insurance requirements
  • Weekly update via conference call
  • Email and phone call communication with your clients.

Underwriting Advocacy

  • Pre-exam consultations
  • Phone and email consultations
  • Full medical review
  • Strategic packaging
  • Expectation management
  • Negotiations

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