What We Do

IPS Advisors assists clients and their advisors in evaluating existing life insurance and annuity* contracts in addition to analyzing product and carrier performance. We also review insurance company claims paying credit worthiness, mortality and expense charges, premium funding assumptions as well as Life Expectancy analysis.

Strategic Services

We assist clients in securing new insurance, along with evaluating funding and gifting patterns. IPS Advisors provides an array of insurance products along with a diverse group of highly rated insurance carriers, all designed to solve the client’s personal, business, and estate planning needs. We negotiate underwriting offers on the client’s behalf for the most competitive positioning and pricing.

At IPS Advisors, we are able to offer objective risk management assessments and provide a thorough review of all life insurance policies and annuity* contracts.

Additional Practice Areas

  • Wealth Transfer and Income Replacement Planning Strategies
  • Premium Finance and Life Settlement Strategies
  • Annuity Strategies*
  • Business Succession Planning and Analysis
  • Buy/Sell, Key Person and Split Dollar Programs*
  • Long Term Disability
  • Traditional and Asset Based Long Term Care (LTC) Plans
  • Irrevocable Trust: Insurance Support Services
  • Private Placement Life and Annuity Structures* (Please see Securities Disclosure below)

Insurance Review/Risk Management Services

  • Insurance Portfolio Analysis
  • Confirmation of Policy Ownership, Beneficiary Structure and Current Policy Values
  • Pre-assessment and Underwriting Negotiations
  • Annual Policy Review and Evaluation
  • Cash Flow Modeling outlining Cost and Benefits
  • Carrier Financial Analysis and Rating Agency Reporting
  • Product Analysis based on Life Expectancy Projections
  • Internal Rate of Return Modeling and Analysis
  • Life Expectancy Studies