Dear Client,

We are writing to provide you with information regarding our relationships with the insurance companies whose products we sell and the compensation that we receive. As we review your life insurance options, it is our goal to place you in the best position to make informed decisions.

In connection with your transaction, although we provide products and services to you, we are appointed agents of the insurers and will receive commission from the insurer whose products you purchase. Our commission typically equals a percentage of policy premiums paid by you. Additional compensation may also be earned by us in connection with our sales activity with a particular insurer. The major factor used in determining such additional amounts is the volume of premiums we sell on behalf of the insurer.

Insurers may also provide non-cash compensation to us or our employees. Such non-cash compensation may include: promotional items; meals or entertainment; and reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with training, education, conferences, and seminars.

We are also a member firm of Lion Street that acts as a wholesaler of the insurance products of various insurers. We may utilize the services of Lion Street to purchase these insurance products on your behalf. The services Lion Street provides include; product comparisons and education; application and quote administration; and underwriting advocacy, among others. We believe strongly such services create unique value for our clients.

If we utilize Lion Street to help purchase a product for you, in addition to any commission the insurer pays us, the insurer will also make payments to Lion Street. As a member firm of Lion Street, we may receive additional compensation from Lion Street based on the total annual sales we make through Lion Street and its affiliated broker-dealer.

If you are interested in receiving additional information on any of the matters discussed above, please contact us at 214-443-2400. As always, we value your business and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.